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DateJuly 11, 2017

Shanghai Dahua is honored to join the global family planning community in support of the FP2020 goals of reaching 120 million more women and enabling their access to family planning methods by 2020. An old Chinese proverb proclaims that “women raise half the sky!” Thus, Shanghai Dahua has always been and continues to be fully committed to expanding access of high quality, effective and affordable contraceptives that meet the needs of women, including in hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations. Shanghai Dahua is proud to announce that its implant product, Levoplant, received World Health Organization (WHO) prequalification on June 20, 2017. We stand by our commitments to FP2020 countries:

  1. We will offer our WHO prequalified implant product, Levoplant , at lower prices of US$7.50 per unit for any orders of above 300,000 units and US$8.00 per unit for orders below 300,000 units;
  2. We will make WHO prequalified Levoplant widely available, by registering it in as many countries as possible;
  3. We will consider reducing Levoplant’s price even further, if significant volumes of Levoplant are procured (beyond 2M units per year).

We are grateful to the global family planning community for putting its trust in Shanghai Dahua.

FHI 360 - Program & Service Delivery

DateOctober 31, 2016

Updated - October 2016: FHI 360 commits to progressing at least 5 new contraceptive methods through the development pipeline. FHI 360 also pledges to support the introduction of new and affordable IUDs into FP2020 target countries. Development and introduction of new contraceptive technologies, particularly long-acting methods, will not only help meet the goals of FP2020, but also maintain and expand those successes in the coming decades.

July 11, 2012: FHI 360 plans to continue its efforts to widen the array of safe, effective, acceptable and affordable contraceptives worldwide. 

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Norway, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Kingdom will work together to increase the availability, access and use of quality, life-saving family planning commodities. To ensure availability of high quality commodities in greatest demand, the partnership we will deploy a range of market-shaping strategies in collaboration with key players, such as multilateral agencies, manufacturers, partner governments and the largest procurers to reduce prices, improve quality, minimize market risks and improve value for money. In addition, the partnership will work to streamline regulatory pathways to reduce barrier to entry and create demand for improved new products.

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