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Viet Nam - Program & Service Delivery

DateJuly 11, 2016

The government commits to working with UNFPA to implement Project VNM8P02, which supports the Ministry of Health to effectively implement the National Strategy on Population and Reproductive Health (2011-2020). The project's total official development assistance (ODA) budget for the Ministry of Health for the period of 2011-2016 is USD $7.3 million. The project supports implementing a comprehensive condom program; controlling condom quality; developing a population law and other legal documents on family planning; conducting surveys on the accessibility to family planning services; and administering surveys on barriers faced by ethnic minority populations in accessing family planning services. During the period of 2016-2020, UNFPA commits to continuing its support to Vietnam on family planning and sexual and reproductive health and other issues.

The government will also partner with MSI to promote procurement of and access to long-term and permanent family planning methods for women living in difficult and prioritized areas in the country, including poor and near-poor women and minority women, basing services on the principle of a client's rights to informed choice and conforming to technical criteria as well as the Ministry of Health's requirements. In addition, the program will also support marketing capacity and procurement of contraceptives and diversifying choices of long-term contraceptives, including IUDs and implants.

Hewlett Foundation - Policy & Political

DateJuly 11, 2012

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation will support an effort to develop and cost out options for an external accountability mechanism around the financial and political commitments made at the London Summit on Family Planning. The Hewlett Foundation also will intensify engagement in the Ouagadougou Partnership and its focus on accelerating access to family planning services in Francophone West Africa with the Gates Foundation, USAID, and the French Government.  

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