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Somalia is mainland Africa’s easternmost country, and one whose coastline is the longest of any country on the mainland. Somalia is semi-arid with less than 2% arable land. Years of conflict, drought, and famine have kept Somalia in a state of crisis, and its population is expected to triple by 2050. The Government of the Federal Republic has recently embarked on its plan to offer essential services that have normally been provided by the private sector and relief organizations. In 2015, Somalia became an FP2020 commitment making country, and in 2017 the government revised its commitment to ensure access to quality reproductive health services, including family planning, in emergency and crisis settings from 50% of facilities offering FP services in 2017 to 80% by 2020. With the September 2018 announcement of the World Bank’s direct investment of $80 million in the government and the prospect of a 2018/2019 demographic and health survey, the government’s goal of expanding service delivery, building resilience to climatic shocks, and boosting economic opportunities is promising.



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The data displayed on this page is courtesy of the Track20 Project. Implemented by Avenir Health, Track20 monitors progress towards achieving the goals of the global FP2020 initiative.

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Note: FP2020 uses a rolling baselines so values are recalculated each year based on the newset available data.

source : pDHS 2015

Core Indicator Estimates

FP2020 uses a suite of quantitative metrics—Core Indicators—to monitor progress annually across 69 focus countries. Estimates for the Core Indicators are produced annually by commitment countries through a network of country-based Track20 M&E officers housed in government institutions. For a complete analysis of Somalia and these Core Indicators, click below.

Key Documents

Somalia FP2020 Revitalized Commitment 2017
Somalia FP2020 Revitalized Commitment 2017
Somalia Country Action: Opportunities, Challenges, and Priorities
Somalia Country Action: Opportunities, Challenges, and Prior...
Adolescent Girls in Disaster & Conflict
Adolescent Girls in Disaster & Conflict: Interventions f...

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