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Save the Children committed to strengthening the capacity of frontline providers to deliver quality sexual and reproductive health and family planning services that are adolescent friendly in 2017. Working to raise awareness of the health and rights of young people, Save the Children pledged to create safe spaces for young mothers and address the needs of a quarter of a million adolescent girls vulnerable to sexual and gender-based violence. Recognizing the role of education in empowerment, Save the Children aims to increase access to education for 250,000 girls, bring 10,000 women into teaching, and provide professional development to 40,000 women teachers. On a global level, Save the Children will advocate for policies that will remove financial barriers to contraception, increase girls’ education, and provide for the sexual education and economic empowerment of women. Save the Children will form partnerships that will raise awareness of rights, empower women and girls, and stimulate demand for family planning.


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Save the Children FP2020 Commitment Self-Reporting Questionn...
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