The Uganda Commitments Initiative

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The Uganda Commitments Initiative
Publication Date: 10/07/2015

The Uganda Commitments Initiative is a country-driven approach which aims to accelerate progress towards RH commodity security by taking a limited number of fundamental RH supplies-related commitments as the entry point for the targeted joint technical action at the country level. By doing so, we secure legitimacy and buy-in for targeted action in specific technical areas drawing on the convening power and brain trust of the Coalition at both the global and country level. 

The Commitments Initiative website includes: 

  • The Motion Tracker: The Motion Tracker was developed to serve as a framework to highlight Uganda's progress towards achievement of its RH supplies related commitments made from 2011
  • Commitments Indicators: The commitments were deconstructed from policy statements into actionable points (Indicators) at implementation level and were classified into five (5) thematic areas: finance, policy, service delivery, supply chain and technology
  • Status Updates: Review of the Uganda RH supplies related commitments since 2011 (EWEC, UNCoLSC, FP2020), Deconstruction of the commitments into implementable activities.
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Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, Partners in Population and Development Africa Regional Office, Samasha Medical Foundation