Reaching young married women, first-time parents in Burkina Faso

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Reaching young married women, first-time parents in Burkina Faso
Publication Date: 08/31/2015

E2A focuses its youth work on programs that are uniquely designed to reach and serve diverse young populations. One of those populations is first-time parents—young married mothers under the age of 25 and their partners, who have one child—a group that has largely been neglected by sexual and reproductive health programs to date.

Through an intensive qualitative monitoring and documentation process, E2A recently co-authored a technical brief that discusses key findings from a project led by Pathfinder International, which has supported increased contraceptive use among young married women, including first-time parents, for the healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies (HTSP). The technical brief discusses findings that can be applied to support these populations to access information and contraceptive services that would allow them to practice HTSP in similar contexts. 

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