PMA2020 Progress Report: November 2015

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PMA2020 Progress Report: November 2015
Publication Date: 11/19/2015

In just two years (since our launch in 2013) PMA2020 has made significant progress in gathering high quality data on family planning and water, sanitation and hygiene at routine intervals - in 9 countries across Africa and Asia.


PMA2020 data, as it is collected in real-time, provide a snapshot of key health metrics in our program countries. This unique aspect of PMA2020 - the rapid-turnaround speed of data collection, analysis and dissemination - is largely a result of the PMA2020 platform: a strong network of female resident enumerators (REs) who are trained to conduct surveys on smartphones.


PMA2020 informs policy and program decisions at the national, local and global levels, and this progress report details some of the many examples of PMA2020 data utilization to-date.

Join us in celebrating the exciting success of PMA2020, which was possible due to the collaborative efforts with our country partners and network of resident enumerators, says Director of PMA2020 Dr. Scott Radloff, in the new progress report.

We look forward to providing you with more updates in the future as we continue to measure performance, inform policy and empower communities.

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