Welcome to FP2020's New Website!

DateMarch 18, 2015

fp2020 Website_Thumbnail_logo_thumbnailWelcome to www.familyplanning2020.org, the new knowledge platform of the FP2020 movement—connecting people, ideas and evidence to inspire, inform, and accelerate progress for family planning.

With this new platform, we hope to provide governments, civil society, multilateral organizations, donors, the private sector and research and development organizations with an improved way of sharing knowledge and information about family planning. With greater interaction, the growing FP2020 partnership can advance quicker toward our collective goal of enabling 120 million more women and girls to use contraceptives by 2020. We hope the platform will also be a great resource for media wanting access to the latest data on family planning and for the wider public interested in the work of the family planning community.

We're committed to making this platform as valuable to our users as possible. To help you make the most of it, we've answered a few questions you may have:




Why did we launch a new knowledge platform?

The FP2020 partnership is a different way of working together: a creative network of cooperation that revolves around a hub to promote information, knowledge-sharing, transparency and emergent thinking.

Having a dynamic online platform that stimulates interaction between our users helps drives progress for women and girls at the global and country-level. The new platform is designed to connect people, ideas and evidence to inspire, inform and accelerate progress for family planning.  


So, what's new on the platform?

A lot! Here's a quick summary. You can:

  • Learn from official self-reports on progress and challenges in delivering commitments.
  • Share your perspective and submit alternate updates on family planning progress.
  • Discover country-specific family planning information, news, data and resources – all in one place.
  • Access 2012 and 2013 core indicator estimates for FP2020 focus countries and regions.
  • Engage and connect with members of the global FP2020 community publicly and privately.
  • Explore over 50 topic areas to identify, filter and search knowledge resources.


I have comments and suggestions! How do I give feedback?

 It's easy. Just click on the feedback link on the right of the website and send us an email with your thoughts. You can also always email website@familyplanning2020.org.

We want to ensure that the platform is useful to our users. During this open-beta phase, we’re committed to ensuring our new platform is a valuable tool for members of the FP2020 partnership. Please tell us how we can improve!



I'm interested in learning about family planning in a specific country. How can I get to its page? 

All the country pages on the platform display family planning news and data related to each specific country. You can view commitments and progress updates, policies and knowledge resources. You can also view related online discussions and questions.

The idea is to have each country webpage serve as dynamic repository of information and knowledge that helps build greater context and supports learning.  

There are two main ways to get to a country page:

1) Visit familyplanning2020.org/countries  and either click on a specific country in the map or in the list underneath.



2) Or take a shortcut by typing in the name of the country following "www.familyplanning2020.org/" into your browser's address field. For example:




What sort of data can I find on the knowledge platform? 

You can find FP2020's Core Indicator estimates for 2012 and 2013, courtesy of the Track20 Project. Core Indicators are the quantitative metrics we use to measure progress. FP2020's Performance Monitoring & Evidence Working Group provides ongoing guidance on Core Indicator definitions, methodologies and data sources, while Track20—a project of Avenir Health—estimates and collaborates on data analysis. 

You can see data by country or compare data across countries or regions. 

1) View and compare all Core Indicator data on our countries page: www.familyplanning2020.org/countries in the "Global Data" section

  • Compare Core Indicators by country
  • Compare Core Indicators across 8 regions
  • View indicators and comparisons in different formats
  • Download comparisons in various formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF, CSV)*

*Limited availability

2) Find country-specific 2012 and 2013 Core Indicator estimates on country pages.

Click on the "Core Indicators" tab to see estimates for the country.


Click on the "Core Indicators" tab to see estimates for the country. 




DIGGING DEEPER: Commitments and Progress

Where can I learn more about making and fulfilling commitments? 

FP2020 actively supports commitment makers in delivering on their commitments. We want our commitment makers to learn from each other, promoting South-South collaboration and for the wider FP2020 community to stay up-to-date on the progress and opportunities for acceleration. 

You can find updates on each commitment maker’s page in the "Commitments, Progress & Transparency" section. Just click on the "View Progress Report" button to see the update.  

To view all updates for a commitment maker, click on "View Archive." 



Can I submit an update on a commitment? 

Yes! In each Commitments, Progress & Transparency section, you'll notice a "Submit Update" button. Click on it to share an update with FP2020. 


Where can I find a list of all commitment makers?

You can find a list of all FP2020 commitments and links to their pages here




There are a lot of resources on the platform. What's the best way for me to find the resources I need?

That's easy. Simply use the search filter on the Resources page. You can filter down to search by type of resource (infographic, presentation etc.); family planning topic(s); country or organization; and language (French, Spanish and Portuguese). 


I see that the website has topic pages like Advocacy & Awareness and Service Delivery & Quality. What sort of information can I find on these pages? 


It’s our job to connect you to the right knowledge resources. To make this more effective, we've created more than 50 family planning topics that help you explore and discover the information you need. There are broad topics like Service Delivery & Quality and more specific ones such as Task Shifting. 

In addition to resources, you can also read related news stories, view commitments and progress updates and discussions. 




What can I do in the community section?

The community section is a new area of the FP2020 platform. It's designed to help you engage with members of the FP2020 online community. You can:

  • Post and learn about important research, professional, collaborative and funding opportunities.
  • Engage in forum discussions and directly message community members.
  • Connect with individuals who work in your space and other fields.
  • Highlight your expertise, geographic and subject matter specialties.
  • Apply easily for FP2020 Working Group membership.


How do I send private messages?

If you find a community member you'd like to send a message to, just click the "Email Me" button located on their public profile. If you don't see an "Email Me" button, it means the member is not accepting private messages.

Important note: If you message a member of the online community, they will see the email address linked to your account. 


How do I create a profile? 

Create a profile on the website by uploading a photo and short bio. You can also choose your message settings. If you want to apply for FP2020 working group membership, you can do it through your profile.*

*This feature will be available in April 2015