Francophone Focal Point Workshop, 12-15 March 2018, Yaoundé, Cameroon


On March 12-15, 2018, in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Family Planning 2020 held its second Regional Focal Point Workshop for Francophone countries. The workshop included sessions on postpartum and post-abortion family planning to assist focal point teams in articulating PPFP-PAFP priorities in their Country Action Plans. The broad objectives of the workshop were:

Accelerating Progress: Develop 2018-2019 FP2020 Country Actions Plans

Using a rights-based framework, these Country Action Plans will be aligned with Costed Implementation Plans (CIPs), existing country strategies and policies, and 2017 FP2020 commitments, and lay out a shared working agenda for the focal points, Secretariat, and partners. Additionally, for countries with identified PPFP/PAFP priorities, these will be integrated into their Country Action Plans.

Broadening the evidence base: share and exchange knowledge

Countries will exchange FP successes and challenges. Technical experts will also provide information and be a resource throughout the workshop. There will be sessions to exchange lessons, ideas, and innovations and identify High Impact Practices (HIPs), including those for PPFP and PAFP.

Strengthening focal point structure: integrate civil society representatives

All non-OP countries in the region have added Civil Society focal points. These new focal points are integrated into the existing focal point structure and their views will be included in developing the 2018-2019 FP2020 Country Action Plans.

PPFP/PAFP Session Materials

Session 17: Integrating HIPS across the Continuum of Postpartum and Post-abortion Care

Information is only available in French.

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