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The Organization of Africa Youth-Kenya (OAYK) committed to influencing the content of the Kenya National Youth Policy and at least three other relevant policies, to reflect the current and emerging issues related to family planning and every newborn action plan, by advocating for improvement in access to and quality of healthcare for young women and newborns by 2020. OAYK also advocates for the provision of rights-based adolescents and youth friendly health services (family planning and RMNCAH) and aims to reach at least 5,000 adolescents and youth, 1,000 front line health services providers, and 500 religious and cultural leaders.



  • OAYK FP2020 Commitment Self-reporting Questionnaire 2018 Read More

Key Documents

OAYK Commitment Self-Reporting Questionnaire 2018
OAYK FP2020 Commitment Self-Reporting Questionnaire 2018
OAYK FP2020 Commitment
OAYK FP2020 Commitment



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