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In 2012, Norway, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the UK committed to working together to increase the availability, access, and use of quality, life-saving family planning commodities, each committing US$200 million of their total Summit commitment until 2020 (a total of US$600 million). To ensure availability of high quality commodities in greatest demand, the partners pledged to deploy a range of market-shaping strategies with key players, such as multilateral agencies, manufacturers, partner governments, and the largest procurers to reduce prices, improve quality, minimize market risks, and improve value for money. The partners also committed to strengthening the quality of forecasting, streamlining regulatory pathways to reduce barriers to entry, and creating demand for improved new products. Innovative approaches such as mobile phone technology have been explored to ensure better access to meet demand from women, improve availability at the community level, and increase knowledge of family planning opportunities among women, families, and frontline health workers.


  • Implant Access Program: Expanding Family Planning Options... Read More

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Implant Access Program: Expanding Family Planning Options for Women
Implant Access Program: Expanding Family Planning Options fo...
London Summit Commitments 2012
London Summit Commitments 2012



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