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Maries Stopes International Official Report
Publication Date: 09/29/2014

Marie Stopes International (MSI) has provided the following updates on their FP2020 commitment.

Policy & Political


Currently, there are 11.6 million women in the 69 poorest countries of the world using contraceptive provided by Marie Stopes International.  (There are actually 15.6 million users globally, but the 11.6 million reflects LAPM use in the FP2020 countries specifically).

  • In the years around and since the London Summit on Family Planning, MSI has continued to successfully remove the multiple barriers to access – to deliver affordable and quality choices to more and more women.

Examples that highlight the MSI approach include:

  • Advocacy on tasksharing: In Uganda, MSI was influential in supporting a task sharing policy change to help expand access to tubal ligation services. As a founding member of the Uganda Family Planning Consortium, MSI helped obtain formal endorsement from the Ministry of Health for clinical officers to perform tubal ligation, significantly increasing the number of health professionals able to provide the service.
  • Advocacy for the removal of import duties on FP commodities in Sierra Leone.
  • Registration of low cost, high impact FP technologies: To date, MSI has successfully registered Sino II (currently the only officially registered two-rod contraceptive implant), in 7 countries with a final application pending in Vietnam. MSI also has permission to distribute Sino II in Papua New Guinea.
  • Influencing global norms: MSI collaboration with WHO led to the publication of global guidance on task sharing of long term and permanent family planning methods in 2013. MSI is now working to ensure adherence at country level.

Program & Service Delivery

  • This metric is also on track, with potential for MSI programmes to exceed MSI’s pledge.
  • In 2014, MSI has been able to offer 915,000 women greater quality and choice in their choice of contraception than they had previously.
  • MSI sustained the 10 million women using contraception, and reached in 2013 alone, an additional 934,000.
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