FP2020 Special Edition: Youth Takeover

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FP2020 Special Edition: Youth Takeover
Publication Date: 08/21/2019

Our global partnership - and indeed the entire family planning community - is remarkably different than it was when FP2020 launched as an ambitious initiative in 2012. At the time, young people were only just being integrated into the movement. Often, this looked like tokenism: young people brought into conversations well after decisions were made, and only consulted after the time for meaningful input had passed. 

Now, the movement is going beyond tokenism and into meaningful partnership by integrating young people as key decision makers: they’re now part of the FP2020 Reference Group and official focal points at the country level. They’re excelling as decision-makers in global partnerships and speaking for themselves in global convenings. Young people are increasingly listened to and valued, and are co-creating the tools they need to be the decision makers in their own lives as they build their own futures. 

Given August 12 is International Youth Day, we want to observe it in a big way, to showcase how far this movement has come and what more we can do together. 

That’s why, for this issue, we’re turning the newsletter over to young people themselves to tell their own stories: sharing what this partnership has meant to them, how they think it can improve, and their own experiences with family planning and childbirth. For the first time, every article and every interview in our newsletter was written and edited by someone under 30. For the last story in this issue, we turn the focus to the Secretariat itself and introduce you to the young people on our team who work alongside our youth partners in-country in solidarity every day. 

Sometimes, meaningful engagement means inviting young people onto your platform with you. Sometimes, it means handing the microphone over to a young person and standing back to listen as they speak. 

We can all learn from what they have to say.

Thank you,

Emily Sullivan
Adolescent & Youth Engagement Manager

Cate Lane
Adolescent & Youth Director

  • In This Issue: Young People Telling Their Own Stories Enter some alt text
    A letter to donors: Looking to fund youth-led organizations? Tips from the youth representatives on FP2020’s Reference Group
    The ECHO Trial: How the study results pave the way for a renewed focus on youth-friendly services and integration
    What is parenthood like when you’re 21 years old? A Q&A with Tanzanian youth advocate Ninabina Davie Kitururu on the importance of family planning for young parents
    En français: Ce qu’une équipe de jeunes a accompli après avoir remporté 1 000 dollars pour lancer une initiative de plaidoyer en faveur de la planification familiale
    Why family planning: What brings the young people of the FP2020 Secretariat to this partnership?
    Resources: Looking for content for International Youth Day? Don’t miss our our newly-updated map of more than 400 youth-led organizations and our webpage featuring the latest key documents on meaningful youth engagement.


    Emily Sullivan, FP2020 Youth Engagement Manager; Manasa Priya Vasudevan, FP2020 Reference Group Youth Representative, Margaret Bolaji, Nigeria Urban Reproductive Heath Initiative and former FP2020 Reference Group Youth Representative; and Mbencho Andrew Millan, FP2020 Reference Group Youth Representative in the Youth Zone of the International Conference on Family Planning in Kigali, Rwanda.


    Interested in Funding Youth-Led Organizations? We Hope So!

    By Manasa Priya Vasudevan, YP Foundation, Mbencho Andrew Millan, Youth Health International

    As FP2020’s two youth representatives on the FP2020 Reference Group, we have the privilege of regularly talking to young people around the world. What they have asked us to share is this: Before you talk about youth engagement on an international stage, check your financial records.
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    The ECHO trial results underscore the need for strong method mix, so young people and other clients can make a voluntary, informed decision about their contraceptive method. Photo credit: Images of Empowerment

    ECHO Trial Results: An Opportunity to Center Young People in HIV and FP Care 

    By Em Chadband, Communications Officer, FP2020

    The long-awaited results of the Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes (ECHO) study, a rigorous, three-year clinical study designed to resolve if using Depo Provera (DMPA-IM) increases women and adolescent girls’ risk of HIV, are now available. Nearly 8,000 women aged 16-35 (the majority were under 25) from four eastern and southern African countries with high incidence of HIV ‒ Eswatini, Kenya, South Africa, and Zambia - participated in the study. Although this question of a link between Depo and HIV has persisted for more than 25 years, ECHO’s evidence proves otherwise.
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  •  FP2020 Youth Focal Points lead the way during the Anglophone Africa Focal Point Workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From left: Marian Pleasant Kargbo, Sierra Leone; Rose Aya Charles, South Sudan; Maria Amélia António Manjate, Mozambique; Fatou F. Sanneh, Gambia; Jutomue Doetein, Liberia; Ninabina Davie, Tanzania; Joan Amanda Banura Julian Mary, Uganda; Onward Chironda, Zimbabwe; Yolanda Miguel, Angola 

    Family Planning Advocate, Postpartum Expert, and Mom: An Interview with Ninabina Davie Kitururu
    Interview by Faith Tabifor, Coordinator, Reference Group and Global Initiatives, Family Planning 2020

    Ninabina Davie Kitururu is a Tanzanian FP2020 Youth Focal Point, a member of the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning, and a youth advocate working with the Tanzania Youth and Adolescent Reproductive Health Coalition. At 21, she also became a mother. 

    Now, she describes her experience as a young first-time parent, underscoring the need to prioritize the often overlooked and neglected needs of young, first-time parents. 

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  • De gauche à droite: Jean Eudes Dakin, Fadima Koulibaly, Mariette Montcho, Oury Kamissoko, Augustin Assaba 

    Les gagnants du concours amènent la planification familiale à l’écran
    Écrit par: Oury Kamissoko, Vice-présidente du réseau des jeunes Ambassadeurs du Mali SR/PF
    Quand je suis arrivée au Sommet pour le changement social de comportement à Abidjan, en Côte-d’Ivoire, en tant que défenseur de la planification familiale pour les jeunes, j’espérais en apprendre des défenseurs plus expérimentés, participer à un apprentissage interculturel et me connecter a d’autres défenseurs de la planification familiale. Je n’aurais jamais cru à cette opportunité de quitter la conférence avec 1000 dollars et avoir l’opportunité qu’une de mes idées sera financée.
    En savoir plus →
  • The young people behind the FP2020 Secretariat. From left to right: Em Chadband, Alana Kern, Samantha Lemieux, Emma Sampson, Emma Anderson, Olusesi Aliu, Manager, Jordan Hatcher, Shiza Farid, Courtney Calardo, Onyinye Edeh, Isha Datta, Not pictured: Kelli Schmitz, Faith Tabifor 

    The Young People Behind the FP2020 Secretariat
    By Emma Anderson, Senior Coordinator, Data & Communications

    The FP2020 Secretariat works with partners to support four cross-cutting portfolios: country support; data and performance management; global initiatives (including advocacy, rights, youth, and humanitarian/resilience); and knowledge and evidence. Here's a look behind the scenes of the Secretariat, to learn more about the young people supporting the critical work of this partnership, and why they're involved in the family planning movement - all 30 years old and younger!  

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  • Featured Resources Enter some alt text
    FP2020 contracted Restless Development to conduct an external assessment of our Meaningful Youth Engagement. To learn key findings from this assessment, please attend our joint webinar with PMNCH and IYAFP on Aug 15 at 9 am EST.

    Every quarter, FP2020 refreshes and updates our adolescent and youth webpage, including our newly-updated map of approximately 400+ youth-led organizations.

    FP2020 was inspired by PRB’s Youth Family Planning Scorecard (FR) to create a self-complete Adolescent and Youth Contraceptive Services Scorecard (FR) which can be used to prompt discussion and debate around both policy development and their implementation

    Part one of FP2020’s youth-focused grant writing webinar series, How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal, is now available online.

    As part of the Secretariat’s commitment to making space at our Regional Focal Point Workshops for every attendee - including young people and other underrepresented communities - to candidly and safely discuss their countries’ progress toward achieving their family planning goals, FP2020 has adopted a Code of Conduct on Sexual Misconduct and Harassment. Every participant in our Focal Point Workshops and other convenings will now read and sign this document, in an effort to ensure everyone is welcomed and safe at FP2020 meetings, and that all members of the global family planning community can safely provide their feedback and ideas on our movement.

    The ECHO study is completed and the results are clear: the use of DMPA-IM, or Depo, does not increase a woman’s risk of acquiring HIV. So what comes next? FP2020 has authored a commentary, also released at the International AIDS Society Conference, on the way ahead. And AVAC has a host of important resources on their website as well - be sure to check it out.

    FP2020 congratulates PMNCH on the appointment of Rt. Hon. Helen Clark as the new board chair. As the former New Zealand Prime Minister and the first female United Nations Development Program Administrator, Rt. Hon. Helen Clark champions women’s leadership and is a strong voice on sustainable development, climate action, gender equality, peace and justice, and action on non-communicable diseases and HIV.

    Registration for the Nairobi Summit is now open. The Summit will bring together governments, civil society, academic institutions, the private sector, and other key stakeholders. Participants will be encouraged to announce commitments to help the world finally realize the visionary Programme of Action agreed to by 179 governments at the 1994 ICPD. 

    l’ONG sénégalaise ACDEV organise du 20 au 25 octobre 2019 à Dakar la 12ème édition de l’Université d’été en promotion de la santé, dont l’objectif majeur est la formation continue des personnels, acteurs et gestionnaires de programmes de santé. Cette Université d’été constitue pour toutes et tous participants francophones une formidable occasion de se former sur des thématiques diverses de santé. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes sur le site de l’Université d’été: http://univpromosanteafrique.org/. 

  • Upcoming Events Enter some alt text
    International Youth Day
    August 12
    World Humanitarian Day
    August 19

    FP2020: Performance Monitoring and Evidence working group fall meeting
    September 3-6
    Washington, D.C.

    International Confederation of Midwives Africa Regional Conference
    September 12-14
    Windhoek, Namibia

    74th Session of the UN General Assembly
    September 17 - 30
    New York City, New York

    The Nairobi Summit on ICPD+25: Accelerating on the Promise

    November 12 - 14

    Nairobi, Kenya

  • Upcoming Webinars Enter some alt text
    Are You Walking the Talk? Assessing our Progress on Meaningful Adolescent and Youth Engagement
    August 15
    FP2020, IYAFP, and PMCH
    Register here
    PMNCH is hosting a webinar series with youth-led organizations and other stakeholders. Check out the full list of webinars
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