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'Rights in Action' Blog Series Launches to Commemorate Third Anniversary of the London Summit on Family Planning

July 13, 2015—July 11 marked the third anniversary of the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning and the creation of Family Planning 2020 (FP2020). To commemorate this milestone, FP2020 is pleased to launch a special blog series celebrating the longstanding dedication of our global partners in upholding principles of rights and empowerment in family planning. 

This 10-day series, penned by a variety of FP2020 commitment-makers and global partners, will highlight each of our 10 FP2020 Rights and Empowerment Principles for Family Planning. It brings to life how our partners have successfully implemented these principles, and what rights-based approaches look like in practice.

We hope these stories inspire a global conversation on the importance of rights and empowerment in driving family planning progress. Because progress IS rights – the two are inextricable. It is not just about whether we reach our shared goals – it’s about how we reach them. Progress means raising our collective voices to ensure that the health, rights and dignity of women and girls—including the ability to decide if and when to start a family—are central to the conversation.

FP2020 Rights and Empowerment Principles for Family Planning

FP2020 Rights and Empowerment Principles for Family Planning outlines the common understanding of rights principles related to family planning that FP2020 believes must be respected, protected and fulfilled in order to reach and sustain goals for meeting contraceptive needs.

These rights principles are informed by and build upon existing human rights principles that seek to integrate rights-based approaches into family planning programming. For each principle, this document provides a definition which is grounded in existing human rights agreements and frameworks.

Ensuring that human rights principles are at the center of family planning policies, programs, measurement and contraceptive markets represents some of our most challenging work. However, FP2020 recognizes that investing in human rights is critical to growing sustainable, equitable and effective programs with lasting impact.

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