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FP2020 Measurement and Learning Agenda

As a time-bound initiative with an ambitious goal, FP2020 places great emphasis on measuring progress, and from its inception has been committed to leading a transformation in the global monitoring of family planning data through a measurement and learning agenda.

The FP2020 measurement and learning agenda aims to improve the infrastructure and capacity for generating higher quality data for decision-making. Working toward more frequent, improved, and aligned measurement of progress, FP2020 publishes annual, internationally comparable estimates on different dimensions of family planning across 69 focus countries. FP2020 commitment countries annually produce these estimates and review national and subnational data to shed light on where gains are being made, where efforts should be reinforced, where investments will have the most impact, and where more data and information are needed.

The FP2020 Performance Monitoring & Evidence Working Group (PME WG), Track20 and the FP2020 Secretariat’s Data & Performance Management  (DPM) Team collaborate closely to advance this measurement and learning agenda. Together, they work toward increasing the availability, visibility, quality, and use of family planning data.

Performance, Monitoring and Evidence Working Group (PME WG)

The FP2020 Performance Monitoring & Evidence Working Group (PME WG) provides technical guidance, analytic expertise, intellectual stewardship, and quality control for the FP2020 measurement and learning agenda. This includes harmonization and alignment of indicators and methodologies among partners, platforms, and frameworks, and ongoing assessment of the FP2020 Core Indicators to ensure they provide useful information and that any necessary adjustments are made. The group is comprised of demographers, researchers, statisticians, and other technical experts, and is supported by the FP2020 Secretariat’s Data & Performance Management (DPM) team.


Track20, a project of Avenir Health, works with FP2020 commitment countries to identify, train, and support dedicated family planning monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Officers. The officers are usually technical staff from the country’s Ministry of Health, Office of Population, or other relevant office, and act as point persons for family planning data. Track20 works with M&E Officers in 35 FP2020 commitment countries.

M&E Officers’ day-to-day activities vary according to country needs—ranging from producing sub-national estimates of key family planning indicators to providing M&E support for costed implementation plans—but in all countries, M&E Officers liaise with country partners, encouraging the use of quality data, new methodologies, and tools for improved family planning programming, policies and decision making.

Data & Performance Management Initiative

The FP2020 Secretariat’s Data & Performance Management (DPM) Initiative serves as the facilitating platform for the measurement and learning agenda. The DPM Team coordinates with the PME WG, Track20 and other partners to publish annual estimates of the FP2020 Core Indicators in a Progress Report; promote and improve understanding of these indicators and other family planning data by stakeholders; and support countries’ use of this data for family planning programs, policies and decision-making.

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