On Tuesday, December 8th, Family Planning 2020 and Population Council released a new report, Contraceptive Discontinuation: Reasons, Challenges, and Solutions, that looks at why women stop using contraceptives.

More than a third of women with an unmet need for modern contraception have used a modern method in the past but have chosen to discontinue use within the first year, and over one-half stop before two years. Discontinuation for reasons other than wanting to become pregnant can contribute to unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion.

The new report provides an in-depth look at reasons for discontinuation, interventions to reduce discontinuation and/or enhance switching to new methods, and measurement and monitoring of discontinuation.

The authors, Sarah Castle and Ian Askew, also propose a theory of change that identifies several pathways through which interventions addressing heath systems, service quality, and the sociocultural environment could reduce unnecessary discontinuation. The authors also outline a research agenda that should be addressed urgently if FP2020 is to meet its goal.

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Listen to report authors Sarah Castle and Ian Askew and discontinuation experts Anrudh Jain, Population Council, and Shimul Hossain, Directorate of Family Planning Bangladesh, discuss the report’s findings in this webinar recording. Download a copy of the presentation here


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