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Since first making their commitment to FP2020 in 2016, Lao PDR has continued to endorse an enabling family planning environment that provides quality and equitable maternal and child health services for poor and remote populations and ethnic minorities. After finalizing a national comprehensive family planning training guide in 2016, Lao trained over 775 new family planning providers in 2017. Additionally, the country has developed a health care law that allows private providers to offer family planning, revised their reproductive health policy, and, in 2017, finalized their Costed Implementation Plan for family planning with a focus on youth activities. To address stockouts, the government is integrating Logistics Management and Information System (LMIS) training into health professionals’ training curricula and training hospital and health center staff on improved data collection and reporting. In the coming months, Lao aims to increase budget advocacy to support demand generation activities, especially those targeting youth. Their goal is to increase mCPR from 42 to 65% by 2020 as well as reduce unmet need for family planning while expanding coverage and method mix.



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The data displayed on this page is courtesy of the Track20 Project. Implemented by Avenir Health, Track20 monitors progress towards achieving the goals of the global FP2020 initiative.

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Contraceptive Use
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Note: FP2020 uses a rolling baselines so values are recalculated each year based on the newset available data.

source : pDHS 2015

Core Indicator Estimates

FP2020 uses a suite of quantitative metrics—Core Indicators—to monitor progress annually across 69 focus countries. Estimates for the Core Indicators are produced annually by commitment countries through a network of country-based Track20 M&E officers housed in government institutions. For a complete analysis of Lao PDR and these Core Indicators, click below.

Key Documents

Lao PDR’s country page provides access to family planning data, key government strategies, plans, and documents, and the latest research and news to support the work of all those committed to increasing access to voluntary contraception.

Lao PDR FP2020 Commitment Self-Reporting Questionnaire 2018
Lao PDR FP2020 Commitment Self-Reporting Questionnaire 2018
Lao PDR Actions for Acceleration (2017)
Lao PDR Actions for Acceleration 2017
Lao PDR FP2020 Commitment
Lao PDR FP2020 Commitment
Lao PDR: Results of Population and Housing Census 2015
Lao PDR: Results of Population and Housing Census 2015



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