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IYAFP made a commitment to family planning in 2017 pledging to address youth under-representation in policy and practice, to further enhance the political will and recognition of rights in a world that is 1.8 billion strong of people between the ages of 10-24 years. IYAFP is itself an alliance of youth with a common mission to support provision of comprehensive reproductive health care information and services with a focus on family planning through inclusion and participation of youth in decision-making bodies and organizations, evidence-based advocacy, and capacity-building for youth leaders in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. By 2020, IYAFP committed to reaching 6000 youth and equipping them with the skills to lead grassroots projects, create country-specific action plans, present at various meetings and conferences, and to make “youth voices heard” at all levels.


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IAYFP Commitment
IAYFP Commitment


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Jillian Gedeon, Co-Executive Director, IYAFP & Emily Sullivan, Youth Engagement Manager, FP2020



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