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In 2017, the International Rescue Committee committed to implementing programs that enable women and girls to take control of their lives, from the earliest stages of humanitarian crisis through recovery. The IRC committed to employing strategies that build knowledge around and increase access to high quality contraceptive services by creating enabling environments that address cultural, social, and economic barriers and enable women and girls to make informed decisions about their fertility and reproductive health. The IRC committed to a 25 percent increase on CYPs annually each year until 2020 and will invest in strengthening local and national health systems to ensure sustainability of contraceptive services and provider skills. Finally, the IRC pledged to increase global, national, and local advocacy for better preparedness to respond to humanitarian emergencies with critical sexual and reproductive health services, including family planning.

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Women's Reproductive Health Needs Don't Stop When Disaster Strikes
Women's Reproductive Health Needs Don't Stop When...
London Summit Commitments 2017
London Summit Commitments 2017



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