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In 2017, Ipas committed an annual contribution of US$10 million towards family planning-focused work. Ipas pledged to advocate for the removal of policy and regulatory barriers to increase access to family planning and recourse to unsafe abortion. Ipas will train new health care workers – 4,000 per year – to provide a wider range of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, including post-abortion family planning services, and will integrate family planning and other SRH services with primary care. Ipas made a commitment to support research on post-abortion family planning service delivery, to advocate for improved medical service delivery protocols, and to support the availability of affordable contraceptives and other products through WomanCare Global International. Finally, Ipas will also promote increased participation of women and other stakeholders in health policy and decision making and will increase support for SRHR, including family planning and the prevention of unsafe abortion, among religious and community leaders.



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Key Documents

Ipas Commitment Self-Reporting Questionnaire 2019
Ipas Commitment Self-Reporting Questionnaire 2019
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Ipas Commitment Self-Reporting Questionnaire 2018
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