Same-sex attraction is OK, boys can cry, girl’s no means no

The legality of homosexuality may still be an open question for the judiciary and the Government is yet to change the law but resource material prepared by the Health Ministry for adolescent peer educators has taken a step in the sensitive direction.

It tells young people that it is all right to “feel attraction” for the opposite sex or the same sex during adolescence. The crucial aspects of all such relationships, it says, are consent and respect.


Teach teenagers contraceptives use, says Gender minister

There is need to expand birth control teachings among teenagers in part to control teenage pregnancies, the Minister for Gender and Family Promotion Esperance Nyirasafari has said.

Pregnancy among teenage girls in Rwanda increased from 6.1 per cent to 7.3 per cent according to the demographic and health survey 2014/2015.

“Youth are increasingly becoming sexually active,” Minister Nyirasafari said at a workshop in Kigali last week.


WATCH - Parents express flak towards family planning policy targeting minors

Parents are seeking signatures to petition Parliament against a Ministry of Health policy that encourages girls who are 10 years and above to seek family planning. Stephen Langa the Executive Director of Family Life Network says the policy clearly undermines the moral values while a lawyer revealed it contravenes both municipal laws and international conventions.


Parliament passes law allowing child marriage in ‘special cases’

The bill drew criticism from various quarters for allowing child marriage in the name of 'special cases' 

The government has passed a controversial law allowing marriages of underage girls and boys in ‘special cases’, ignoring repeated calls of the rights groups.


The ‘Child Marriage Restraint Bill 2017’ puts boys below 21 years of age and girls below 18 years in the underage category. Any marriage involving one or both parties below the legal age will be considered ‘child marriage’, reports UNB.


Young actors trained in reproductive health

The National Population Council (NPC) had held a two-day workshop to build the capacity of the cast of a television series that promote adolescent sexuality and rights, to be role models and ambassadors in their localities.

The cast, who are themselves young persons star in the YOLO (You only live once) television series that seeks to increase young people's access to appropriate health information and health services by enhancing the social, legal and cultural environment for the improvement of young people's reproductive health.


UNFPA Launch Programme to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy in Southeastern Liberia

The Government of Liberia in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has launched a 4-year programme aimed at the reduction of teenage pregnancies in the South East counties.

The “Empowered and Fulfilled Programme” funded by the Swedish Government will complement other on-going Reproductive Health, Gender and livelihood related projects supported by UN agencies in Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Maryland and River Gee counties and build on achievements made at both national and targeted county level on young people’s sexual reproductive health and rights.

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