PSI Reaches and Surpasses FP2020 Commitment

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PSI Reaches and Surpasses FP2020 Commitment
Date de publication : 05/06/2019

From Jennifer Pope, Senior Director, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, PSI:

"PSI committed to reaching 10 million users under the age of 25 with modern contraception by 2020. As of Dec. 2018, we’ve reached 14 million young people, and counting, with a contraceptive method, two years ahead of schedule.


In short, our pledge catapulted a movement at PSI.

Together, we got youth-powered. We hired more young people on staff than ever before, designed programs alongside young people as equal decision makers, and through increased and intentional youth programming at the global, regional and national levels, have generated and disseminated new learnings (keep scrolling! We’ve included highlights below).

We, in partnership with many of you, made a Commitment to Ethics in Youth-Powered Design to set guardrails in how we work with and for the young people we serve.

We, alongside our sister organizations, signed onto the FP2020 Global Adolescent Data Statement  to reinforce our commitment to age- and sex-disaggregated data.

And we’ve released a collection of our youth-powered learnings and tools that our partners like you can use to enrich your youth programming, today.

We're proud to have had our FP2020 methodology externally reviewed and validated. It's proof that we got bold – because we know that when young people have access to contraception, they have the power to achieve their visions for their lives."

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