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DateAugust 10, 2017

The Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF) commits to accomplishing the following by 2020:

By 2020 UYAHF, commits to enhance knowledge, demand, access and uptake to quality adolescent friendly SRHR and MNCH services for 1000 vulnerable and marginalized adolescent girls and young women ages 15 – 24 years who have given birth and those at high risk of unintended pregnancy in 5 districts of Uganda through, 500 referral and linkages, capacity building trainings and dialogues on SRHR and MNCH and training of 10 health service provider per district in provision of quality adolescent friendly SRHR/MNCH services.

As a result, 1000 adolescent mothers and adolescent girls both at risk and not at risk of unintended pregnancy are able to express sufficient knowledge and information on the key concepts of safe motherhood and postpartum FP, going for at least four antenatal care visits, are delivering from a health facility with a qualified health worker and are able to exclusively breastfeed their infant for at least six months 1000 girls looking to avoid a pregnancy but who are at high risk are using a modern contraceptive of their choice.