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DateAugust 10, 2017

TAYARH is concerned that the teenage pregnancy in Tanzania which has risen from 22% in 2010 to the current 27% among the young girls aged 15 to 19yrs and access to adolescent friendly SRH and Family Planning services is still a challenge with 30% of service delivery points offering these services. The commitment TAYARH is making is to ensure youth led organisations in 16 regions in United Republic of Tanzania are trained to advocate for the SRHR issues especially Family Planning in order to reduce teenage pregnancy in their communities.

  • TAYARH commits to enhance advocacy capacity through the AFP SMART training to 40 youth-led organizations working on SRHR and other issues such as HIV, environment, agriculture etc to incorporate their programmes into Rights Based Family Planning Approach and actively engage through the training to become change agents towards expanded access to SRHR information and services, including contraceptives.
  • After training 40 youth led organization, they will be tasked with reaching more than 3000 additional young people in 16 regions. As a result, the 3000 young people working in a variety of sectors (HIV, nutrition, etc.) will understand the need for and their right to access and use contraceptives. They will work collaboratively on initiatives to increase awareness on the negative impact of teen pregnancy and improve the prevalence of youth friendly services in Tanzania.