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Commitments, Progress & Transparency

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Program & Service Delivery

DateAugust 10, 2017

By 2020, IYAFP commits to reaching 6000 youth by supporting 15-30 year olds in their youth-led, youth-driven advocacy from the ground up. We commit to equip youth with the skills to lead grassroots projects, create country-specific action plans, present at various meetings and conferences, and to make “youth voices heard” at all levels. Youth participation in panels and presentations will inject a crucial perspective in these important meetings. We also commit to targeted and effective advocacy by tracking national health policies and by training our youth on SMART advocacy to ensure that projects and in-country events are effective at improving knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of youth on the ground. Our network will be strengthened through the protected space that IYAFP will create for Country Coordinators to share success stories, discuss challenges and barriers, and to learn from one another in this field.

The International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP) commits to accomplishing the following by July 2020:

Supporting youth (15-30 year olds) representation from over 50 countries at high-level convening’s, international processes, meetings and conferences and using such opportunities to promote the goals of FP2020, the SDGs, IYAFP and in support of EWEC to advance the Global Strategy. By providing the opportunities/platform and finances for youth to influence program and policy development and implementation thereby ensuring effective inclusion and engagement of youth as partners and not just beneficiaries.

Outcome: Strengthened youth representation at various meetings and conferences reaching a cumulative 500 youth with positive SRHR messaging via panels, presentations, blogging, and networking.


  • Number of youth in a speaking role at international and national conferences and meetings
  • Number of youth that attended high level conferences
  • Number of networks created and followed up on by youth at said conferences
  • Number of panels and presentations led by youth at said conferences
  • Number of blogs and articles written by or about youth at said conferences
  • Number of readers of said blogs and articles about youth at said conferences

Building the capacity of more than 3,000 young people in 50 different countries to become global advocates for SRHR and family planning. We commit to offering ongoing support to enable youth to gain the skills, knowledge and resources they need to understand and advocate for comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights through a variety of online webinars, country- level workshops/seminars and national and international conferences. Online webinars held every 2 months on various topics identified by country coordinators as most relevant including: monitoring and evaluation, photography, documentation and reporting. Country-led workshops/seminars include our collaboration with AFP for workshops on AFP SMART advocacy in approximately 11 countries. International conferences include the International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH), International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), and our very own IYAFP-led national conferences in Madagascar and Bangladesh.

Outcome: Improved knowledge, skills, and resources for enhanced and effective SRHR advocacy among 3000 youth via in-person and online workshops, webinars, and national and international conferences (indicators:


  • Number of youth who attend various webinars, virtual cafes, and in-person workshops
  • Results from pre/post-test of youth knowledge surrounding specific workshops
  • Number of youth involved in the organization of national youth family planning conferences in Bangladesh and Madagascar
  • Number of youth who attend national youth conferences in Bangladesh and Madagascar

Providing more than 50 Country Coordinators with a space, both physical and remote to enhance dialogue and discussions on best case practices and identifying innovative approaches to increase youth contraceptive prevalence rates, to share success stories of advocacy events, to share resources, and to identify innovative approaches to increase contraceptive prevalence rates among youth.

Outcome 50 Country Coordinators supported financially and technically to speak, share stories, and hold discussions in a safe space (both online and offline) to enhance the IYAFP network and movement.


  • Number of Country Coordinators per cohort
  • Number of active Country Coordinators sharing stories, opportunities, and leading discussions
  • Qualitative data on relationships and benefits of the Country Coordinator network and cohort via Country Coordinator survey

Enabling 15 young leaders in Africa, Asia, and South America to each run youth-led, youth driven advocacy projects that raise awareness and knowledge on SRHR in their community.

Outcome: 15 youth-led in-country events and projects supported by IYAFP that reach a cumulative 2000 youth to improve their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors (KAB) surrounding SRHR information and services.


  • Number of youth reached by the events and projects organized
  • Pre/post test results from a select number of projects that relate to KAB change
  • Number of partnerships created via youth-led projects and events
Policy & Political

DateAugust 10, 2017

Tracking national health policies and demanding a particular youth focus towards the removal of barriers (age restrictions, parental or marital consent, method restrictions based on parity, and financial) and support for enabling factors (comprehensive sex education, integrated youth friendly information and contraceptive and safe abortion services, free or discounted services, etc.)

Outcome: National health policies tracked in at least 10 countries for targeted advocacy via in-country technical working groups with IYAFP representation to change policy that will reduce barriers to SRHR for at least 500 youth


  • 10 documents with national policies outlined and analyzed
  • Number of policies affected by reports and targeted advocacy via technical working groups

IYAFP commits to including a section specifically tracking our FP2020 commitments in our public-facing annual report. We commit to working in a meaningful and accountable manner with other stakeholders and partners and setting up a reporting system with the youth with whom we work.

  • Training 25 young leaders in nine African countries on youth-led accountability to measure policy implementation and hold governments accountable to addressing youth-friendly FP service provision implementation gaps. These youth leaders will be members of IYAFP, as well as leaders of youth-led and youth-serving organizations in their countries.

Outcome: 25 young leaders in 9 African countries trained in youth led accountability to hold governments accountable for their promises and FP2020 commitments to lead more targeted and focused projects and campaigns.


  • Number of youth trained on accountability measures
  • Number of projects and campaigns led by these trained youths