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DateJuly 11, 2017

PATH seeks to improve the agency of women and girls to exercise their rights and make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. One way we further this goal is by developing, introducing, and scaling up high-quality, woman-centered, innovative contraceptive methods, especially in places with high unmet need.   

In support of FP2020, PATH commits to expand the contraceptive method mix in 8-12 countries by 2020. We will collaborate with country governments and implementing partners to accelerate introduction and scale-up of new contraceptives as part of a broad method mix; to strengthen health systems and improve contraceptive access and choice through a range of service delivery channels that are convenient for women and girls—including community-based distribution, private retail outlets, and self-initiated options; and to help build enabling environments and sustainable markets for family planning products.

PATH also commits to improve information-sharing, exchange of experience and lessons learned, and identification of best practices on contraceptive introduction and scale-up by 2020. Specifically, we will establish a dedicated global platform to convene partners with expertise and interest in country-level introduction and scale-up of new reproductive health technologies, and facilitate the documentation and dissemination of relevant data, resources, and learning.    

PATH’s commitment will focus on 8-12 FP2020 countries and involve collaboration with partners in those countries. This commitment will involve a dynamic list of countries over the three years; illustrative examples of countries, contingent on their interest and other factors, include Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Senegal, Uganda, and Zambia.