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DateJuly 11, 2017

Together with Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), the MTV Staying Alive Foundation (SAF) is a global expert in reaching young people and has over two decades of experience in HIV prevention and sexual health awareness and mass-media behavior change.

MTV Shuga is SAF’s most successful behavior change campaign and since the first season aired in 2009 in Kenya we produced 5 series, totalling more than 1000 hours of TV content airing on more than 170 broadcasters and reaching over 700 million people every campaign. With stories focusing on HIV, sexual and reproductive health and rights and family planning, MTV Shuga fuses core sexual health messaging including HIV prevention,contraception, unplanned pregnancy, gender based violence, transactional sex and first time sex, challenging misconceptions and inspiring young people aged 15 to 24, to talk openly and honestly about their sexual health. The format combines a TV drama series with radio, digital, print, social media and on-the-ground activities, with high-quality production;entertaining, youth-relevant storylines and characters; music and cultural references. Having the MTV brand, a global and highly-recognisable youth-brand synonymous with truthful,life-changing portrayals of young lives, makes it highly-popular among broadcasters and youth audiences. By combining entertainment with health messaging, MTV Shuga normalises safer and more positive attitudes, social norms and behaviour.

A further two campaigns of MTV Shuga will launch in Nigeria in 2018 which will mainly focus on family planning with the aim to drive demand for contraception among adolescents. We will reach at least 24 million young people in Nigeria through TV, radio, digital and on-the-ground activities.

SAF is also committed to implementing a campaign based onMTV Shuga in Egypt in 2018 which will focus on family planningissues, including demand for contraception, gender basedviolence, child marriage as well as female genital mutilation. Weestimate to reach at least 25 million young people in Egypt.

SAF will also implement a similar campaign focusing on family planning, child exploitation and HIV in India by 2020. We will reach at least 176 million young people in India through MTV’s(Viacom 18) reach alone.Viacom, Viacom 18 and SAF’s commitment also includes producing all the content rights-cleared and distributing it at no cost to any other broadcaster or organization globally, creating the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people.