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DateJuly 6, 2016

In support of Family Planning 2020 and the Global Strategy on Women’s Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, PSI, through its global network of country programs, commits to reaching 10 million people under the age of 25 years old with modern contraceptive methods by December 2020.

Program & Service Delivery

DateJuly 6, 2016

PSI and its partners will test new and bold ways of collaborating with young people to reimagine and redefine the way sexual, reproductive health and rights (SRHR) programs are designed, delivered, measured, and evaluated. In doing so, PSI aims to improve its collection of age-disaggregated data and share lessons learned.

PSI will work toward ensuring all sexually active young people, regardless of marital status or parity, have access to the widest available range of contraceptive options, including long-acting reversible contraceptives, and that access to services is embraced and advocated for by young people, their health providers, their families, and their communities.

PSI’s philosophy is that life is lived holistically and that SRHR can only be effectively addressed in the context of a hopeful vision of a bright future. PSI is seeking innovative entry points for adolescent- and youth-focused SRHR programs, new ways of packaging and delivering high quality services to adolescents and youth, and new models of sustainability that harness market forces.

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