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Program & Service Delivery

DateJuly 11, 2012

Updated July 11, 2016—To support the achievement of FP2020 goals, IntraHealth commits to applying its technical, programmatic, measurement, and advocacy resources and expertise to expanding equitable access to an increased number of frontline health workers. Specifically, it pledges to deliver quality family planning services and products globally and in 20 FP2020 priority countries, including by playing a leadership role in the nine Ouagadougou Partnership Francophone West African countries where IntraHealth serves as the Secretariat. IntraHealth plans to sustain and grow its family planning programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Palestine, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda, and Zambia.

IntraHealth commits to reaching 315,000 health workers annually by 2020 with education, skills building, and supervisory, management, and policy support. The organization will build on its programs and partnerships in both the private and public sectors to ensure that health workers at the front line are prepared to be catalysts of change.

IntraHealth will also leverage the use of new and proven digital health technologies to improve health worker performance, service quality, and health outcomes and to spur innovation in how health workers are trained, incentivized, and managed, primarily through deployment of our suite of open-source human resource information systems strengthening tools and approaches, iHRIS.

IntraHealth will advocate globally, nationally, and at decentralized levels for the critical policy reforms necessary to expand access to modern contraception. IntraHealth’s focus will include:

  • Task-shifting, especially for long-acting family planning methods and Sayana Press;
  • The critical role of community health workers;
  • The importance of meeting the growing sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents; and
  • Augmenting male engagement.

IntraHealth will also prioritize estimating human resource requirements needed to achieve targets outlined in country costed implementation plans, while focusing on gender dimensions of the workforce.

The organization will provide technical assistance to governments and health systems to improve hiring, deployment, management, motivation, performance, and retention of health workers and work with national and regional professional regulatory bodies to ensure that scopes of practice, training curricula, and quality assurance systems encompass the latest available evidence on family planning methods, services, and strategies.


July 11, 2012—IntraHealth International commits to advocating for and expanding access to an increased number of skilled frontline health workers delivering quality family planning services in West Africa, building on its global commitment to ensuring health workers are present, ready, connected and safe. IntraHealth International commits to contributing to doubling West Africa’s regional average contraceptive prevalence rate by 2020—leveraging new and existing programs and partnerships with governments, donors, civil society and the private sector to:

  • Expand use of mobile technologies to increase health workers’ access to accurate, up-to-date information on family planning and reproductive health services;
  • Foster greater integration of family planning with HIV/AIDS services and maternal, newborn and child health care;
  • Collaborate with regional and national accrediting agencies and professional associations to ensure that pre-service and in-service training curricula include state-of-the-art information on methods, services and behavior change;
  • Encourage greater involvement and support of male partners for the successful use of contraceptive methods and family planning and reproductive health services; and
  • Support increased engagement and leadership of civil society and young people to promote healthy reproductive health behaviors, including greater social and cultural acceptability of family planning.
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Policy & Political

DateJuly 11, 2012

IntraHealth empowers health workers to better serve communities in need around the world.

IntraHealth International will advocate for increased political support and investment in family planning by government partners.

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