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Program & Service Delivery

DateJanuary 24, 2016

Jan. 24, 2016: Between 2015 and 2020, IPPF pledges to reach a further 45 million new users in the FP2020 focus countries. This means IPPF will serve a total of 60 million new users to voluntary, modern family planning between 2012 and 2020, a major contribution towards the FP2020 goal.

IPPF, as the largest sexual and reproductive health service network in the world, commits its vision, leadership, experience and expertise to contribute to the global movement making universal access to comprehensive and voluntary family planning a reality.

Between 2012 and 2014, in the 59 of the 69 FP2020 focus countries where we are operational, IPPF provided family planning services to 15 million new users in just three years.

IPPF will deliver high impact, quality, rights-based, integrated sexual and reproductive health services, including packages that address family planning, safe abortion, prenatal care, STIs/HIV, sexual and gender-based violence and cervical cancer. IPPF will optimize the number of people we can serve by increasing our operational effectiveness, expanding our provision in humanitarian emergencies and increasing national and global income. The organization will also enable the provision of services by other public and private health providers.  This pledge is dependent on securing our target of additional financial resources. Learn more. 


July 11, 2012: By 2020, IPPF will increase family planning services, saving the lives of 54,000 women, averting 46.4 million unintended pregnancies and preventing 12.4 million unsafe abortions. IPPF will treble the number of comprehensive and integrated sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services provided annually, including 553 million services to adolescents. IPPF will also establish technical knowledge centers to train providers of family planning services and will develop a compendium of family planning, maternal, child, SRH, and HIV linkages indicators.

IPPF will also work to improve the advocacy capacity of Member Associations in at least 40 of the 69 Summit priority countries. 

Green view updates

DateJuly 11, 2012

IPPF commits to generating support for sexual and reproductive health and rights from regional bodies, the Oil Rich States, the G20, BRICS and emerging economies, advocate to the pharmaceutical industry for affordable pricing for contraceptives and raise awareness and change the attitudes of community, political and public opinion leaders to support sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

Green view updates
Policy & Political

DateJuly 11, 2012

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) supports the Civil Society Declaration to the London Summit on Family Planning.

IPPF will mobilize civil society and governments to improve the legislative, policy, regulatory and financial environment for family planning and will mobilize the international movement created through IPPF’s role as Co-Vice Chair of the Stakeholder Group to the London Summit on Family Planning to hold governments accountable.

Green view updates
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