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Uganda - Program & Service Delivery

DateOctober 28, 2017

2017 Update: Read the commitment here

2012:Uganda will partner with appropriate private sector bodies and institutions for the integration of maternal health, reproductive health, family planning, and HIV&AIDS information and services for their employees and families and strengthen institutional capacity of public and community-based service delivery points to increase choice and quality of care at all levels (through staff recruitment, training, motivation and equipment).

Uganda will support the development and professionalization of midwifery through skills training, good employment practices, and the involvement of midwives in policy dialogue and health management. The Government of Uganda will continue investing in midwifery career promotion and the bonded midwifery scholarship programs. A road-map to finance, train, recruit, retain, and manage performance of skilled human resources for health will be developed.

Uganda commits to rolling out youth friendly services in all Government Health Centre IVs and District Hospitals; Strengthening the technical and institutional functionality of Uganda Health Marketing Group and National Medical Store in a dual public-private reproductive health supplies distribution system; and continuing to support the public-private arrangement for increased access to family planning services. Uganda plans to scale up partnerships with CSOs and private sector entities for family planning outreach and community-based services to target hard to reach communities, and to invest in social marketing and social franchising approaches to ensure access to family planning. 

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Uganda - Financial

DateJuly 11, 2017

2017 Update: Read the commitment here

2012:Uganda commits to increasing its annual budget allocation for family planning supplies from US $3.3 million to US $5 million for the next five years and to mobilize an additional US $5 million a year through donor financing (even with this effort there will be a resource gap of approximately US $10 million per year).

Uganda will design a plan to reorganize health financing and develop a health insurance plan for the country, as well as promote voucher programs as a form of demand-side financing to increase use of family planning and safe motherhood services among the poor.

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Uganda - Policy & Political

DateJuly 11, 2017

2017 Update: Read the commitment here

2012:Uganda will develop and implement an integrated family planning campaign. Uganda commits to creating an enabling policy environment for family planning, increasing financial investment into health human resources development, and strengthening the delivery of health services. Uganda will conduct half yearly reproductive health/family planning reviews by the Ministry of Health; ensure timely completion of the Annual Household Panel Surveys by Uganda Bureau of Statistics to ascertain progress on heath, including family planning, service delivery; and also, carry out a robust evaluation of all family planning investments in Uganda.

The Government of Uganda will accelerate passage of the National Population Council Bill into law, immediately making the inter-ministerial structure functional and appropriating the necessary budget support. Uganda plans to review the current post-shipment testing policy on male and female condoms in line with current international standards to reduce delays in release of vital reproductive health supplies, including family planning supplies.

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Uganda - Objective

DateJuly 11, 2017

2017 Update: Read the commitment here


  • To reduce unmet need to 10 percent in 2022 (current rate is 40 percent)
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