Building the Foundation of a Global Movement 

Commitments are the lifeblood of the Family Planning 2020 movement: formal pledges by countries, donors, civil society, and private sector partners to expand access to voluntary, rights-based, high-quality family planning. The commitments are specific statements of intent, outlining what actions the commitment-makers will undertake, what objectives they will pursue, what policy changes they will seek, and how much money they will invest. As such, they function as a blueprint for collaboration, providing partners with a shared agenda and measurable goals. Taken together, the FP2020 commitments add up to an enormous, unprecedented global undertaking to bring health and empowerment to millions of women and girls.

The renewed focus on expanding access to family planning has come about in response to the fact that over 200 million women and girls in developing countries who want to delay, space or avoid becoming pregnant are not using effective methods of contraception, resulting in over 75 million unintended pregnancies every year. Failure to address this unmet need for contraceptives and full access to family planning services has a very high price in terms of women’s and children’s health and survival, and the prosperity of communities and nations.

Action is needed now.

FP2020 is building new partnerships and driving new commitments to enable an additional 120 million women in the world's poorest countries to use modern contraception by 2020. Countries are taking ownership of family planning and driving progress. Since the launch of Family Planning 2020 in 2012, 42 of our 69 focus countries have made a commitment to the FP2020 partnership and, in 2014, provided US $1.4 billion in bilateral funding for family planning—32 percent more than in 2012. 

Today, more than 90 commitment makers—governments, multilateral organizations, foundations, the private sector, and civil society—play a vital role in improving policies and strengthening services on the ground to ensure women have the right to and the ability to access voluntary family planning. 

FP2020 commitments also proudly stand in full support of the updated UN Secretary-General's Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health and Every Woman, Every Child initiative.

To learn how to make a commitment to join FP2020, please click here.

Family Planning 2020 Commitment Makers 


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To learn how to make a commitment to join FP2020, please click here.