Beyond 2020

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A Collective Vision for Family Planning Post-2020
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Over the past eight years, governments, civil society, multilateral organizations, donors, the private sector and the research community, have come together around an ambitious goal: to enable 120 million additional women and girls to use modern contraception by 2020. Working together in partnership, much has been achieved, but more remains to be done.

As 2020 rapidly approaches, the global family planning community is creating a shared vision for 2030 that builds on progress achieved to date and positions us to achieve the future women and girls around the world are asking for. Through a global consultation, stakeholders from across the globe and a wide range of organizations have provided their input on the future of family planning through an online survey, interviews, and working sessions. The collective feedback has formed the basis of an emerging vision, guiding principles, and focus areas, first shared at Women Deliver. The development of the shared vision is ongoing, and we are asking the global family planning community to continue to share reflections and ideas for the future here. The voice of the community will  inform  the refinement of the vision for 2030 over the coming months, with a formal launch of the shared vision expected around November 2019.  

Emerging Vision, Principles & Potential Focus Areas


Family Planning 2030: Working together for a future where women and adolescent girls everywhere have the freedom to make their own informed decisions about using modern contraception and having children, lead healthy lives, and participate as equals in society and its development.



Guiding Principles

  • Voluntary, client-centered, rights-based approach
  • Focus on serving, engaging, and counting youth and adolescents
  • Country-led global partnership informed by data and evidence


Potential Focus Areas

Shape the Policy Agenda
  Use proven and innovative approaches to shape the policy agenda at all levels, making the case...
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Enable Data Informed Decisions
  Support data systems, collection, measurement, and use to generate insights and inform evidence-...
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Place Equity at the Core
  Support high-quality, client-centered family planning programming that recognizes the unique...
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Expand Accountability
  Enable strong and transparent accountability at all levels for policy and financial commitments...
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Increase & Diversify Financing
  Increase funding and diversify sources of sustainable financing for quality family planning...
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Incentivize Sustainable Markets
  Foster efficient public and private service delivery channels and well-functioning supply chains...
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Influence Social Systems & Gender Norms
  Support communities to leverage enabling social norms and to address harmful practices and...
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Way Forward

Input from the global family planning community will continue to inform the emerging vision and potential focus areas as they are refined.



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Featured Webinar: An Emerging Vision: Beyond 2020 Webinar

June 25, 2019


Data from the Global Stakeholder Consultation

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