CIP Resource Kit: Tracking Contraceptive Financing

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CIP Resource Kit: Tracking Contraceptive Financing
Publication Date: 03/01/2015

Adequate contraceptive funding is critical for ensuring that people are able to choose, obtain and use high-quality contraceptives as needed. An effective CIP for family planning typically requires data on the contraceptive funding landscape. These data are key for monitoring progress toward FP2020 commitments, determining any potential funding gaps and advocating for additional resources based on evidence. Unfortunately, understanding contraceptive financing can be a challenge: Many countries rely on an intricate combination of financing mechanisms to support commodities.  


Tool: Enhancing Contraceptive Security through Better Financial Tracking: A Resource Guide for Analysts and AdvocatesThis document guides readers through tracking contraceptive financing and finance processes. It explains the collection and analysis of data to determine contraceptive funding needs, commitments and spending. The guide also includes information to help users map the funding processes to determine when (and to whom) to advocate for adequate and timely contraceptive funding. This guide, developed by the USAID-funded DELIVER project, was published in September 2013.

Example of Tool Application: Uganda: Financial Tracking of Reproductive Health Commodities summarizes findings and recommendations from an exercise to improve the tracking of financing for subsidized contraceptives and other reproductive health commodities in Uganda. The report, produced by the USAID-funded DELIVER project, concretely illustrates how Uganda applied the methodology and tools from Enhancing Contraceptive Security through Better Financial Tracking. The Uganda report, published in April 2013, outlines the methodology, findings, recommendations and conclusion from the financial tracking exercise.

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