Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) is a global partnership that supports the rights of women and girls to decide, freely, and for themselves, whether, when, and how many children they want to have.
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Unguja North A Region in Zanzibar Allocates Funding for Family Planning for the First Time
November 25, 2015
The Unguja North A region of Zanzibar in Tanzania has allocated an amount of Tanzanian shillings 7,038,935 (US $3,260) out of the region's basket fund for health.    Read More
Indonesia Official Update
October 15, 2015

In October 2015, the Government of Indonesia provided the following update on its FP2020 commitment:

  • Multiple donors are involved in the primary healthcare system and strengthening program working specifically on the famil...   Read More
An Analysis of Adolescent Content in South Africa's Contraception Policy Using a Human Rights Framework
November 24, 2015
South Africa's contraception policy and guidelines are comprehensive and forward looking. Nevertheless, there are gaps that may leave adolescents vulnerable to discrimination and coercion and create barriers to accessing contraceptive servi...   Read More
Funding free contraceptives
November 14, 2015


I'm an individual donor interested in funding free contraceptives in Kinshasa. These slides suggest that we may need to analyze wheter we should offer contraception for free in the poorest countries:...

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